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2019-05-05 08:59:09
I'm a lonely virgin with a findom addiction. I have a job that provides me with a steady source of income and I am looking for someone to share a D/s-relationship with. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing and watching cute animals on YouTube. I have a long list of fetishes and I am always willing to try new things. Some of them include ass worship, humiliation, piss drinking, sissification, cuckolding, verbal abuse, chastity, CBT and teamviewer drains. My biggest fetish, however, is to satisfy superior women with gifts and tributes. I know that I don't deserve the privilege of spending my own money, and that it is better to have my funds controlled by you. Oh, and I have this dirty thing I like to do while you're taking my money...

2019-05-02 12:44:10
Empress CoCo: Follow my instructions. Your message must say "I am willing and ready empress" or I will not reply. I expect My slaves sole purpose to be My happiness, his source of pleasure should come from Mine. I Love being a key holder.

2019-04-18 12:29:25
Hello to all Ladies, Mistresses and Goddesses, I am a shy and weak sissy totally addicted to hypno poppers sissy clips. Need help to be a better sissy slut.

2019-04-16 14:58:17
You have found the home of the sadistic financial domme, Bbw_findom. Here you will find all the information regarding her highness, Bbw_findom, and begin your descent into addiction. Leave your baggage at the door but bring your wallet, as serving an established BBW domme has never been so divine (or expensive). Once you have realised your true potential as a wallet slut for the beautiful, controlling Goddess that is Bbw_findom, you will lose yourself in yearning to please. Findom has found a new meaning here and the wicked, painful pleasure is only the beginning of your journey.

2019-04-15 09:16:12
I am the Goddess, the Mistress, the Domina you have always dreamed of serving. you have been searching everywhere seeking fulfilment for that undying need you have to serve a true Domina Mistress such as Myself. Nothing else matters to you apart from serving Me in all the ways I expect and want. I am Cruel Elegance Personified. If it excites you to hand over large sums of money to a true Domme you have found HER. If you crave true humiliation, degradation, mortification and denigration kneel down, and find the joy you have so desperately been craving for at My feet. Dominatrix FemDomme Mistress Diva

2019-04-03 10:38:00
MistressMindFuck: Draining men dry. Having pigs snivel upon and kiss my heels. Using dirty secrets for extortion.

2019-04-01 14:42:44
Hallo Geldschwein, du liebst es Frauen den Luxus zu geben den Sie brauchen? Von mir wirst du dafür nur Ausgelacht und beleidigt. Ich mag es wenn Männer sich mir unterordnen und Ich die Macht über sein Geld habe. Wenn du wirklich mein Luxusleben bezahlen kannst, so melde dich und nenne mir einen anständigen Tribut. Also lass deine Königin nicht zu lange warten und melde dich.

2019-03-23 08:46:13
New York City: Findom Goddess Robbn. Erotic experienced dominatrix! We all have hidden desires some of us enjoy them and others don't know exactly how to tap into it .....well im here to mold and guide those hidden desires! yes im a bossy aggressive dominatrix iam flexible and understanding but i dont bs, there are alot of new style of dommes but im ol school. men are weak inferior beings worthy of nothing more than my pleasure and servitude to me! I enjoy real time and online servitude T&D edge play strap on role playing findom sissy training feet fetish scat play & more

2019-03-19 12:25:06
How To Be a Good finsub/finslave 1.Do As Your Told 2.FinDomme Queen Have to Have Elegant Expense name brand everything. 3.FinDomme Queen Have to Have Tributes for a relaxing social life. 4.FinDomme Queen require triple digits for RT meets. 5.You will save up and Tribute for FinDomme Queen holidays. Start early for Queen Morgan Favorite Things on Amazon. Take a soon visit at Queen Morgan Serve & Wear and get your loyal shirt. Follow Remember these simple rules and you will have a very Happy FinDomme Queen

2019-03-18 12:49:52
The Brazen Hog, Irish Shindig: Kiss My Boots! I'm Irish! ~ Happy St.Pat's! BUY ME A GUINNESS!

2019-03-17 16:46:11
It should excite and arouse you to spend tribute on The Queen while it maybe tribute you've earned or available credit granted to you on your credit card, it's really The Queen and you know, without any doubt or hesitation that I deserve it! While you may have another fetish on you spend tribute to indulge it's time to distill that fetish to the bottom line; Giving tributes to The Queen, A Beautiful Dominate Queen is what really arouse you. So now it's time to pull out your credit card or cash apps and add more tributes to your account to spend tributes on The Queen. It should excite you to see this tribute in your account, which in few minutes with The Queen Morgan you begging to give it to The Queen. I'm available for call and cam sessions and Confess your craving for Financial Domination or even more insidious Financial ruination. I am about fetishes of all kinds, from the more common fetishes to the more unusual and complex fetishes. Those of you who are aroused by Financial Domination as fetish and not just a fantasy will be thrilled to serve me financially

2019-03-15 13:26:21
Taste of Queen Morgan. Once you get a taste of the Queen Morgan, there is no escape and there is no looking back! slaves happily and obediently Serve the Queen for years at a time. I will seductively place you deeper and deeper under my intoxicating spells, as I became all that you think of. Distracting you in the day time, on your mind late at night, visiting you as you dream and then I will be the first thing you of when you awake each morning! The speed in which I take you over will excite and astound you. My powers, abilities and imagination knows no limit. You addicts going to love every second of being trained and brain washed by this gorgeous Queen Morgan.

2019-03-11 10:49:36
I am Queen Morgan. I am a beautiful seductive, alluring Queen Morgan. Who is soon to be your Newest and most divine addiction. One you will treasure and cherish with all that you are. I will use my beauty to draw you in, then I will use my wicked imagination, intelligence and power to turn you into a helpless heap before me, ready to mold into my perfect, obedient little pay pet. I will make your heart beat faster, your palms sweaty, your knees weak! I will make you hot under the collar and tight of pants. I will taunt you, tease you and deny you! And you will lap it up like a good little puppy dog! I will turn your knees weak, leg to jelly and penetrate all that you are.

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