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The Mistress Jetset


Username: mistressjetset
Description: FemDom Dominatrix Guide to Real Mistresses
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2019-04-23 15:59:35
MistressJetset: Mistress Eve of London. Bondage: Do you like to be bound... All sessions are conducted from my newly refurbished, multi roomed chambers in Earls Court. Covering over 1500 sq ft, my multi roomed chambers are fully equipped to provide a range of scenarios. From the more traditional dungeon room and prison cell, I can also create a more sensual setting with two large boudoirs and a dressing room. Situated just 2 minutes from the Warwick Road exit of the Earls Court tube station (Piccadilly and District line), I am centrally located. Parking is also available outside. Half an hour from Heathrow airport. You may respectfully apply to request an audience with me via phone be well aware that I require at least 2 to 3 hours advance notice AND I do not accept calls from withheld numbers under any circumstances. Here is a short list detailing some my favourite games and the fetishes I enjoy. Does it excite you to be in bondage? maybe you like the humiliation from a powerful Mistress: This list is not exhaustive so do contact me if your particular interest is not listed: Corporal Punishment: from mild to extreme. Spanking, caning, OTK, whipping, flogging. Humiliation and Degradation (private and public humiliation). Therapy psychoanalysis, Infantilism, Doggy training, Watersports, Spitting, Bondage (rope, cuffs, chains, etc), CBT, Nipple play and t*rture, Faceslapping. Candle play, Fire play, Electrics, Sensory Deprivation, Smothering and Breath play, breath control (with my tits, ass, thighs). Face sitting, fantasy wrestling. Maid training and domestic training. Enforced Feminisation and complete transformations, Slut training. Strapon, Anal play and training. Masturbation instructions, ruined orgasms. Boot worship, shoe domination, foot fetish, foot worship and trampling, collection of boots, shoes and stockings. Body worship (ass worship at my discretion). Tease and Denial, Chastity training, key holding. Roleplay: unlimited creative scenarios possible from the strict Head Mistress to the sexy aunt, Good cop bad cop, naughty nurse, the possibilities are endless. I have an extensive fetish wardrobe consisting of PVC, rubber, latex, leather, catsuits and much more. I also have many custom made corsets and wide range of lingerie and stockings. I have a large boot and shoe collection which I adore. TVs are more than welcome at Eves Place. Outfits to die for. AVAILABILITY: I am available from 8am up to late, 7 days a week. Extended sessions and overnight stays also considered by prior arrangement. When you arrive we will discuss your interests and limits. Our session will always be tailor made to your individual needs so we can both get the most satisfaction out of play time. Each session will be as unique and individual as you are and I strive to exceed your expectations. I will understand your fantasies and exactly what type of session you will enjoy. While I will take your comments on board, what actually happens is completely up to me. Trust me. Expect to feel truly used and abused and you will come crawling back on your hands and knees for more. What I have in my X 2 Dungeons are: St. Andrews Cross Bondage chair. CP Equipment: floggers crops canes whips. Restraints: Straps arm and leg cuffs rope Leg Spreaders. Masks, gags, leashes, clamps, Cross dressing clothes, wigs, stockings, make up, butt plugs, vibrators etc etc. All limits and boundaries will be respected in a safe, sane and mutually agreeable session we will both be guaranteed to enjoy. Tel:+447810805745

2019-04-17 14:55:44
MistressJetset: Dominatrix Dinah van Amsterdam. Sublime Lady of the OWK. My name is Dominatrix Dinah, I am beautiful, mature, confident Woman with many years of experience as a Mistress. I am fascinated by the fantasies of my subs who also enjoys living in my own fantasy world. I consider Myself an artist and the psyche of my slaves as my canvas. My background in psychology gives me a good understanding of the origins of your fetishes. This, combined with my sensual powers, will bring your fantasy to life. Elegance, Sensuality and of course Domination are the words which describe my sessions. Frequent Travel Destinations include: Dubai & Warsaw. All other destinations by special arrangement.

2019-04-16 15:13:47
MistressJetset: Mistress Magnum. Auckland, New Zealand. Dominatrix sessions available as per My discretion. It is required that you phone Me for private sessions in Auckland. B&D, S&M, Birch Caning, Strap, Spanking, CBT, Enema, Fireplay, Roman shower, Watersports, Sissymaid Training, Strapon, Toys, Boot & High Heels worship, Consensual Abduction roleplay, Consensual Holdup Robbery roleplay, Financial Domination & Shopping, Spitting, Face Slapping, Trampling, BallBusting. Also available for Dinner Dates. Advance Bookings required. Withheld phone numbers will not be answered. Tel:+64211038745

2019-04-15 09:33:29
MistressJetset: Maîtresse Cathie La Divine. Je suis une Dominante enjouée, aimant le plaisir, responsable et digne de confiance, et sois assuré que ta sécurité et ton bien-être viennent en premier. tu acceptes de vivre et de t´engager dans des actes humiliants et dégradants pour mon propre amusement. Je prends un grand plaisir de trouver des façons ingénieuses à ce que tu reviennes et en demandes encore! Based in Ottawa region, minutes from Parliament Hill. French speaking, also speak English. My dungeon, 2 rooms fully equip of everything a submissive can dream of. Travel destinations are: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. All destinations by special arrangement.

2019-04-14 12:04:52
MistressJetset: Madam Mysteria of Greece. Professional Dominatrix and Wrestler. Czech Mistress based in Athens, Greece. Frequently travels to many European cities.

2019-04-13 13:23:20
MistressJetset: Mistress Divine. Perth, Western Australia. Amazonian Domination with Class. Oh ye to enter the House of Whacks and find yourself before My Amazonian Woman Supremecy. I specialise in all types of bondage. With 2 Dungeons and a Clinic. I am Supreme and you are My submissive. Tel:+61893287825

2019-04-12 11:22:55
MistressJetset: Head Mistress Diva. Dominance, Elegance, Blonde, are all natural for Me. your consensual submission will be your only saving grace. International Domina. Australia, Perth Western Australia, Auckland New Zealand, Dana Point California. UK, EU and all other American cities by arrangement.

2019-04-11 10:08:52
MistressJetset: Miss Bryce Jones, Manchester UK. Miss Bryce Jones UK Mistress. The Manchester Dungeon is probably the best equipped throughout the entire UK, dark, warm and comfortable in a professional way. Travels: You may also be lucky enough to catch Misstress Bryce Jones on tour in one of her many international locations including: Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany. Other locations considered upon suitable request. Tel:+447812901378

2019-04-10 16:22:47
MistressJetset: Madame Caramel of London. UK Leading Black Dominatrix. I am sexy, sensual and totally alluring. If you like curvaceous, voluptuous women, and long to give up control to another then, you’ve followed the right path….. I am not only a professional Mistress, this is my lifestyle. There is not a submissive bone in my body and my position will never be challenged! Femdom Retreat Weekend also available. Tel:+447854763472

2019-04-09 12:53:10
MistressJetset: House of Whacks, Perth, Western Australia. Head Mistress Rose extends a warm greeting to all International Mistresses wishing to become Guest Dominas at House of Whacks. We have enjoyed four decades of a strong prescence in the Perth BDSM scene. At House of Whacks, We as a Sisterhood are courteous towards eachother and honest at all times. I may grant that My personal 247 TS be at your beck and call for the making of your refreshments, meals and requirements and furthermore as your assistance of a practical nature in the dungeons and clinic, example all cleaning duties. I will however, not at all tolerate that My slave become your plaything and in any such instance where boundaries are overstepped, will result in immediate dismissal. When I am not present at House of Whacks, all enquiries must be made through Mistress Divine. Head Mistress Rose, House of Whacks. Tel:+61893287825

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