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Money Mistress in Berlin

Money Mistress in Berlin


Username: princess
Description: Geldherrin Bizarr Luxus Lady von Berlin, Teamviewer, Hypnosis, Fetisch, Telefon, Video, Foren, Bank IBAN BIC #Findom
URL: http://www.cashpig-station.com/cashpig-graveyard/index.php
Category: Trample Trampling Top 100
Member Since: 2011-09-23

Average Rating: 5 / 5
Number of Ratings: 37

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2015-03-06 07:28:20
YOU are the most beautiful and powerful Goddess. I love the way YOU look so superiourly and arrogantly to YOUR slaves.

2015-02-23 16:02:10
Hoch verehrte und angebete Herrin Fraeulein,

mein Name ist Sklave Ro, Melkschwein und Sie haben mich aufgefordert,
mich bei Ihnen zu melden.

Ich konnte heute morgen einfach nicht anderst, als Ihnen einen Gutschein zu schicken,
als ich Ihre Homepage gesehen habe ..
Ein Paradies fuer Melkschweine!!!
Und Sie sind so wunderschoen, ..so erhaben!!
Ich habe zwar eine Herrin,aber Sie sollen wissen,
das ich das was Sie machen und was Sie sind ganz wundervoll finde!!

Es ist ein Geschenk, das es Goettinen wie Sie gibt!!!
Wohne leider viel zu weit weg von Berlin,
sonst wuerde ich liebend gerne mal bei Ihnen grunzend aus Ihrem Trog fressen.

Zu Ihren Fuessen


2015-01-04 23:34:19
Hello Goddess, i wouldn't want to bore you with boring basic words of slaves and subs that you are beautiful,amazing,dominant,perfect.. because you already know all that, and you would know that even without those 300 messages like that a day :D I was just trying to say i love your photos and power you express, you are a bit different than the others, i guess i can say you have your own style and i really like it :) I know there are many slaves to choose and i don't really have a chance, but if i get to choose.. i would choose to be owned by Goddess like you. Then i would really submit and serve with all of my heart, so my Goddess would have a devoted slave at her feet now in this cold Christmas time, so it would actually be a win-win situation(i hope) :)

2015-01-03 15:38:17
so beautifull my queen i kneel at your feets oink oink Cashpig slave

2014-12-12 16:05:55
@MoneyFemDom Nothing is to good for my herrin Oink Oink #Santapig @Cash_pig

2014-12-10 08:50:36
Mistress i have bought you 4 new pairs of highheels. 2 pairs have steel spiked heels. Oink Oink.

2014-09-10 13:17:15
hello Maam. my name is prissy priscilla. i am a very submissive crossdressing sissy slave. i am looking for total and complete financial ruin. i am looking for a financial Domme that is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that every penny of my paycheck goes to her. i am looking for a ruthless bitch that will use blackmail to control me financially for the rest of my life. permanent, long term with no safe words and no way out. would you be interested in this type of arrangement? thank you Maam. sissy slave prissy priscilla

2014-08-29 15:19:27
Skype Blackmail GangBang Video Chat
Central European Time Zone

2014-08-10 19:20:51
Dieses Fraulein ist dazu geboren worden um bedient und angebetet zu werden.

2014-07-05 14:33:20
Supreme Money Mistress and Blackmail Specialist. cold and meticulous, calculating and a Supreme Woman of an evil ilk

2014-06-16 16:32:17
Schweinberlin cash&go und Fuss-session. Ballbusting reale Uberraschung. Toll!

2014-06-12 11:24:25
Femdom humiliation and verbal abuse for money slaves, pay piggies, atms and horny losers who wank online

2014-05-24 11:26:14
Goddess will NEVER pay attention to sad losers like me unless i am ready to please her in any way she wants. i bow and open my wallet, i sign her contract and she allows me to give her my creditcard to abuse. more more, please Goddess spend it all.

2014-05-17 09:46:05
i submit to Goddess with my pathetic life.

i crawl to you Goddess with my wallet in my mouth.

@paypigoink oink oink oink oink oink

2014-05-15 09:52:49
I am about to go to work. teamviewer locked open. Please come and install serious control and programs. Prorat downloaded if someone knows how to truly use it. Pass me around to friends. Evilness needed.
George #Teamviewer #Findom

2014-04-30 11:01:29
Geldherrin von Berlin. Her mind fuck makes me addicted to her. Her intoxicatng control makes me crave her every single second of my pathetic life. She is Divine and I am just a loser.

2014-04-11 13:15:43
Hello Princess, hello fellow slaves,

last week I have watched a documentary on ZDFinfo, and I saw this gorgeous Lady in a red fox fur coat in front of the reichstag. I remembered that I had purchased a clip of this lady a long time ago. This made me sign up here. I am a very submissive man from germany. I am not the type of slave that expects that a domme does certain things to him. I consider myself a servant and I want to be useful. I just love to be used and abused for a domes fun and profit. Feel free to hate me as I am an inferior piece of shit. :)

I hope to learn more about the gorgeous Princess here.

2014-02-26 17:31:30
@MoneyFemDom I bought Dirndl, socks, bra from Your Spracheschule Wishlist, Mistress. @paypigoink oink oink oink

2014-02-11 07:30:20
My eyes follow and look at you as your value is similar to a shit pigs, you cannot get enough of me, of such a beautiful Money Mistress and I cannot get enough of your money. Look now into my eyes and at the same time prepare yourselves financially to make me happy. You will depend on me pigs, I will have you under my control all the time and you will give me all your money as that is all you can do for me and do not forget that there are only a few days left up to Valentines day and all I want is to have a wonderful night offered by you to me. If you are not the type of slave with money do not waste my time. I accept only slaves with money. AMAZON gifts will make me happy tonight, as too the expansion of my bank account. So now grovel and beg for my details with which you require to dutifully respect my wishes and demands.

2013-08-21 13:10:26
That's so kind of you Princess, thank you for showing us! You look amazing in blue fox, too. I guess you look great in any fur coat!

2013-08-20 15:26:32
This worm is greatly honored by your attention, Princess. I hope you are having a wonderful day, and I pray your coffers are heavy from the wallets of your constituency

2013-03-08 19:22:15
I bought Meine Geldherrin a red leather vest to match the gstring and steel spiked boots, then we met and when she asked what I wanted she said that I was trying to top from the bottom, so she put me in a cage for a long time and made me oink like a pig consistently, which made me dizzy. Mistress was busy mocking me and drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Then when she released me from the cage she taught me a strict lesson, demanded 500 Euro from me and left with the air of a statement saying that I had to learn my place, that she is the one in control and not me and that I am not to contact her again until I have more money for her and that I be aware that she will call all of the shots. Yes Mistress. @paypigoink

2013-01-29 17:43:03
I gifted a red leather gstring to Goddess to match the new boots. I am so lucky to have the honour @paypigoink

2012-11-13 18:02:41
in my devotion i bought a new pair of red buckled boots with a steel spike heel for Mistress. Thank you Goddess for the honour to serve you twitter.com/paypigoink

2011-11-21 12:04:47
money mistress says, money cant buy happiness, but somehow its much more comfortable crying in a porsche, than on a bicycle

2011-11-15 11:38:54
Princess Kitty, officer of cashpig-station.com says she is going to publicly BB ballbust me, as I am late with my tribute, she knows where i am, i think she is going to do it, she said she is on her way to my workplace, i love this femme fatale angel from hell, real female supremist, i had best payup

2011-09-23 20:14:30
i am the worm under Mistress boot

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